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Choosing the right partner to take charge of the daily IT support role is one of the most critical decisions any organisation makes. We have been in the industry long enough to understand that things do go wrong, from time to time, especially when you’re least expecting them to.

Hence, delivering high systems availability with maximum uptime is a factor foremost in our minds when we receive an incident call. We appreciate that not only time is money, but staff productivity is adversely affected when they are not able to interact with their corporate systems; be they mobile devices such as BlackBerrys and Laptops, or myriad of in-house systems that may have become unresponsive.

Often the cause of failure is simple, but the approach taken to remedy the situation whilst minimising downtime is not always so clear cut. This is where you’ll agree the experience of the technicians and their exposure to similar scenarios does make all the difference.

Our technicians have grown up with computers, just as they were becoming ‘personal’. They have a thorough understanding of the technology right down to component level and hence, their hardware skills are second to none. To their credit are many successful deployments based on Microsoft Windows Server Systems, in such diverse settings as Stock brokers, Legal profession, Import / Export agents, etc. In addition, we have experience of tailoring our support to small, home-based customers, who are equally demanding in terms of professionalism and rapid response.

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