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Whether it is to setup, troubleshoot or design your network, or server maintenance, computer service, laptop repair or to help in deploying a new IT infrastructure, Inspire-IT is here to assist you with all your technology needs. Our experienced professionals boast many years’ of hands-on experience in this field and fully appreciate that ‘time is money’, when it comes to delivering an efficient reliable service.

When spyware or virus issue occurs or if you need to enhance your computer’s performance, install wireless network or just want to know how to get the most out of your system, then give us a call.

Our Services include:

Virus Cleanup & Immunisation

Valuable data loss can result if adequate virus and spyware protection is not in place – irrespective of whether you run a modest single PC or a number of interconnected systems. Such an attack can also destroy or disable software applications. However, cleaning virus infection can be a daunting prospect, but if done correctly then it needn’t be costly or time-consuming. It is also important to inform users on best practices and some do’s and don’ts to ensure your computing environment stays well protected.


We have carried out routine network assessments and advised clients on ways to remove bottlenecks and to improve overall performance. Whether you have two computers of twenty, wireless or wired, a mixture of old with new, we can help iron out any issues that you may be experiencing. With Wi-Fi gaining popularity, we can advise you on whether your network is as secure as it can possibly be. Most hacking attacks or intrusions occur because of 'loop-holes' in the Internet connecting equipment.

Computer Repair Service

With frequent falls in laptop prices coupled with ever increasing functionality and reliability, the traditional PC user is increasingly being tempted towards this platform for his/her daily computing tasks, particularly as it enable greater freedom in our choice of work environment – both around the home and office block. But as with all good things, sadly sometimes accidents can and do happen. We are here to help.

Some laptop faults we deal with are:

We are equally equipped to troubleshoot traditional ‘desktop’ PCs as well as the ‘backbones’ of any network – namely the file and application servers. We have experience in Windows based systems and can rebuild, in worst case scenario, the Domain Controllers or Windows clients such as the rock solid XP, etc. If your network is experiencing TCP/IP or DNS glitches, then we are sure to save you time in this area as well.

So, when 'chips are down', then let us take the heat out of the situation.

No Job Too Small...

No Problem Unsolved.

Our technicians have yet to come across a system that they've not been able to fix. They have experience on DELL, HP/Compaq Servers and a whole variety of PCs and Laptops, in addition to market leading networking equipment.

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