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Almost 9 out of 10 UK Net users are connecting via Broadband services, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The figures show that for September 88.4% of UK households are choosing to use broadband rather than the out-dated and slower Modem Dial-up technology.

Statistics also show that 49.2% of those connections are for services advertised at two Megabits per second (2-Mbps) or faster.

The ONS report shows that in March 2003, 84.7% of people went online via dial-up modems and only 15.3% had broadband, whilst only 4% of those questioned were using services faster than eight Mbps. Broadband has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity among Internet users, ever since this service became available at affordable prices.

Are you getting left behind?

With almost 40% of British households on the wrong side of the digital divide, the social and economic progress of the UK will be stalled unless the great majority of these homes can be brought on to the Internet.

Our experienced engineers can install and configure industry-leading low cost broadband solutions that facilitate Wired as well as secure Wireless (Wi-Fi) connections to single or multiple PCs.

Internet with High Speed LAN

As most laptops now come with Wireless capability, we can help setup a localised network such that resources like Printers can be 'shared' between PCs - without juggling USB cables, giving you freedom to 'roam' whilst accessing fixed resources.

Internet with High Speed Wireless LAN

Work where You want.

Wireless capability gives the user mobility to work from anywhere at his/her residence or workplace. In addition the availability of reliable Internet connection means many of us are choosing to commute less whilst still being able to do a full day’s work.

Tele-computing and the ability to stay in touch with the office and colleagues from remote locations has gained popularity and we are pleased to have helped many small office, home office (SOHO) users to benefit from such advances in technology - at affordable prices.

Internet with all Wireless LAN devices

Which one is right for YOU?

It's because of the Internet and the popularity of electronic mail (e-mail) that there's been a sharp decline in people sending hand-written letters!

Convenience and 'ease-of-use' are two major factors encouraging people to 'take the plunge'.

Whether it's on-line Banking, Shopping, reading the latest News editions, catching up on favourite Soaps with iPlayer or just keeping in-touch with friends and colleagues via Social Networking sites... this much is certain; once you're 'Online' you'll wonder how you managed to stay away from the World Wide Web for so long.

Let us help you 'get connected'.

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